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April 29, 2022

Job description

Mission Recruiting is a direct-hire recruiting firm working in the legal, healthcare and executive industries. We are based in California and work nationwide.

  • My business partner and I started

Mission Recruiting in 2013 because we felt we could recruit better.

  • font-size:1em;We felt like we could offer a better solution to our clients.

  • font-size:1em;We felt like we could offer a better experience to our candidates.

  • We felt like we could offer a role where our team members were heard, had a voice, had input, and could make our company, their company.

Note: It's humbling to say how fortunate we've been over the last few years, knowing how challenging everything has been for a lot of people recently. So it is with some humility that I write this job ad to celebrate our success. And I won't say our success has necessarily been because of our talent. We got lucky that our industry was spared the full brunt of the effects of COVID. Fortunately or unfortunately, people still needed lawyers during the pandemic and law firms still needed to recruit. There were some moments of concern, of course. We took out a PPP loan. We cut some hours for a few weeks last year and tried to keep everyone working. And then it turned slightly for the better, and clients started recruiting with more fervor, and we took that momentum and have grown and grown. Why are we posting this ad?

  • We have an amazing team. We need to hire another recruiter.

Why should you apply to the recruiting position with

Mission Recruiting?

  • We offer a competitive base salary (not a draw), plus a tiered commission structure.

  • No ceiling or caps on commissions. Place more candidates, earn more money.

  • We are busy and you'll have a lot of opportunity and a lot of searches to fill.

  • It is a remote position so you won't have to move or commute.

  • You won't have to sell our services, this is recruiting only.

  • Our time to fill is faster than most.

  • We are downright serious about recruiting. We are not bashful to say we recruit better than most firms. We will put our numbers up against any of our competitors. That might sound brash, but it's true.

  • We have a marketing and administration team that writes, publishes, and pushes out your job ads. We work hard to reduce the amount of time you spend on non-recruiting activities.

  • We have a partnership plan in place. Every placement counts toward a path to you becoming an eventual partner in our company. Ask our competitors if they offer a partnership plan (they don't).

  • We have a robust CRM with over 300,000 contacts, a structured workflow and all the templates you need for speedy communication.

  • We have reasonable metrics and train on our philosophy why those metrics are important.

  • We have weekly training on our process, the industry, our systems, closing, prospecting, connecting and more.

  • We offer a nice balance of guidance and autonomy.

Who should apply to the recruiting position at

Mission Recruiting?

  • You want to work for a company that offers an opportunity to get paid what you're worth.

  • You want to work for a company that places an emphasis on its people. Lots of companies say it, but we actually focus on it - and you'll get to speak to some of our employees to ask them.

  • You want to work for a company that offers a strong recruiting workflow.

  • You want to work for a company that is self-aware and constantly striving to improve the recruiting experience for our stakeholders.

  • You want to work for a company that has a common-sense approach to technology to make your job easier.

  • You want to work for a company that will give you plenty of work and dynamic searches.

  • You want to work for a company that offers both short-term and long-term reasons for you to stay.

Note: Recruiters with direct-hire experience tend to work out best for us. People from high-volume staffing backgrounds tend to not do as well here. HR folks that are used to a variety of roles including recruiting tend to not do well here, either. We're all in on recruiting and we don't do much else. We don't do staffing or temp-to-perm roles: just direct hire recruiting. What benefits do we offer?

  • Health, Dental, and Vision plans. We offer 100% of the cost of our basic plans.

  • 401k plan with 3.5% match

  • 24 days of paid time off (including PTO, holidays, sick)

  • Life Insurance

  • Identity protection subscription

  • Cell phone reimbursement

  • Partnership Track

What will you need to provide?

  • You will provide all of your own equipment. We don't issue computers, monitors, cameras, headsets, or phones.

  • You will need a strong internet connection. If you don't know your internet speed now, upload and download speeds of 100mbps (megabytes per second) are about the least you need. Go to Google and type in Internet Speed Test. Call your internet provider and ask for an upgrade - it may not even cost you anything more. Internet providers only guarantee 'wired' connections. Your wireless connection will likely be slower than a wired connection.

  • You will need at least two (2) monitors. This might sound odd, but we won't consider any candidates that don't have at least two monitors. A laptop and another monitor is fine (not great, but fine), but our process relies on you having a lot of information up on the screen so two monitors is the bare minimum.

  • You will need a good headset. Preferably your headset should be a USB wired, double-eared headset with a noise canceling microphone.

  • You will need a webcam and a light. All of our internal calls are on camera. All the client calls are on camera as well.

  • You will need to dress professionally for client calls. Comfy clothes the rest of the time.

  • You will need a quiet place to work. Preferably you will work in a closed-door environment where you won't be disturbed during your day.

What is our internal recruiting process?

  • You will speak with both of the Managing Partners.

  • You will speak with one of our Recruiters.

  • You will speak with one of our Business Development folks.

  • We'll take you through a brief tour of our CRM so you can see our approach to recruiting.

  • We have an assessment for you to take along with a survey that gives you an idea what is important to us.

We look forward to reviewing your resume and chatting about what you're looking for in a new company. We believe

Mission Recruiting offers a great work environment with long-term potential. Thanks for reading this absurdly long job ad.

Reference: Recruiter - 130979

Call for details.
Call for details

Matt Cummins

Managing Partner

Matt Cummins

Managing Partner

Irvine, CA

Matt Cummins has been recruiting since 2005. Formerly, he was a Director of Recruiting at Merritt Hawkins, the nation's largest physician recruiting firm where he was recognized as the National Recruiter of the Year. He and his business partner launched Mission Recruiting in 2013.

(949) 629-3654

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Remote Recruiter Role for Legal and Executive Recruiting Firm

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