Mission Recruiting

Interview Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

Thank you for trusting Mission Recruiting to help you explore your career options.

Our clients agree to reimburse the travel costs for you and your spouse (if applicable) using the guidelines below. Expenses for children will not be reimbursed.
You will be reimbursed per the guidelines below regardless of the results of the interview, provided the onsite interview actually occurs. Expenses for last minute candidate cancellations may not be reimbursed.
You may create and book your own travel arrangements or you may provide Mission Recruiting with a credit card and we will arrange your travel for you. Regardless of the outcome of the interview, you will be reimbursed based on the following guidelines.
Airfare : Airfare should be less than $500.00 per leg per person. If flights are more than $500.00 per leg please contact your recruiter. We can be reached 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday at (949) 535-0995
Rental Car: Rental Car cost should be no more than $70.00 per day. Please choose to refill the car yourself rather than using any rental car company post-return fill service. 
Gasoline/Fuel: Please select regular gas for your rental car. Please avoid using rental car company fuel-up options if possible.
  •             Note: If you drive your own car, you may be eligible for reimbursement for gasoline based on the IRS guidelines. IRS Guidelines
Hotel: Hotel cost should be no more than $125.00 per night. Usually our clients will reimburse one room for one night. Additional nights may be eligible for reimbursement for interstate travel.
Parking/Tolls: Up to a maximum of two days of reasonable parking fees will be reimbursed. Valet parking is not reimbursed.
Meals: Up to a maximum of two days will be reimbursed for meals. The limits per meal are $20 dollars per day per person for breakfasts and lunches, and $25 dollars per person per day for dinners.
* Please save and forward copies of itemized receipts for each meal.
Expenses not reimbursed include hair care, movies, alcohol, ice cream, gifts/ souvenirs and anything else that common sense would exclude from the expenses for a business trip/interview.
Please forward all copies of receipts. If you have any questions about the Interview Expense Guidelines please call us at (949) 535-0995 or email us at info@missionrecruiting.com .