Why You Should Consider Hiring Remote Candidates

If your company is considering hiring remote workers, here are our thoughts on the associated advantages.

Laila Orazova
October 12, 2022

Remote work — turbocharged by the COVID-19 pandemic — has only increased since more parts of the U.S. return to “normal.” More companies are acknowledging the benefits of recruiting workers from all over the world and allowing employees the opportunity to work from home. In a research study conducted by Zapier, 95% of participants said they preferred to work remotely.

At Mission Recruiting, we are aware of how well a distributed model scales. Having been in business since 2013, in 2018 we went fully remote and have never looked back. As our Co-Founder and Managing Partner Matt Cummins likes to say, “We were remote before it was cool.”

If your company is considering hiring remote workers, or more of them, here are our thoughts on the associated advantages.

Gain access to more talent; avoid burnout

If a company needs to make a permanent hire or put together a team of contract employees for a crucial business endeavor, they often discover that by hiring remote workers they are better able to accomplish their hiring objectives. They can access in-demand talent outside of their local market, state, or even country by using this strategy.

Offering remote or hybrid work options is now widely recognized as vital for retaining valued employees as well as attracting top talent. Many employees have discovered that having the option to work remotely enables them to achieve a better work/life balance, which, in turn, improves their general wellbeing.

Increased retention

You want to be confident that new employees will stay with the company because hiring and training new personnel takes a lot of time and resources. This is greatly enhanced by remote work; according to this research, 95% of businesses claim that it has a significant positive impact on employee retention. This is not surprising given that two-thirds of workers say they would change jobs for one with a better commute.

Greater productivity

Although it may seem counterintuitive, data demonstrate that people who work remotely are much more productive than those who work in offices. Global Workplace Analytics found that teleworkers were 20-25% more productive than office-based employees, and research by TINYpulse revealed that, remarkably, 91% of remote workers felt more productive when they worked remotely compared to their time spent working in the office.

Due to fewer interruptions and more time for concentration, research from Global Workplace Analytics demonstrates that remote workers are between 25% and 50% more productive than on-site employees. Remote workers can concentrate on their work without being distracted by their coworkers. Additionally, working remotely offers more freedom and flexibility in daily activities, boosting commitment, passion, and productivity.

It is greener

Environmental awareness is at an all-time high, and businesses are being urged to adopt greener practices in their daily operations. Considering this, it is critical to think about how working remotely benefits the environment. According to research, if workers in remote-compatible jobs worked remotely for just half of their clock time each year, our environment would be spared:

  • 54 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions (comparable to taking 10 million cars off the road), and
  • 640 million barrels of oil (at a savings of $64 billion).

Plus, 119 billion miles of highway driving would not need to happen. Who doesn’t love a shorter commute?

Considering hiring remote candidates? We can help  

It takes time and effort to find the appropriate fit for your team, particularly in the current candidate-driven market. At Mission Recruiting, we provide a sizable pool of highly qualified legal and healthcare professionals from across the country. Whether you are open to a remote candidate who is not credentialed in your state, or prefer a local candidate from your zip code who carries same-state credentials, you can rely on us for retained-level recruiting at success-only prices. Reach out to our amazing Business Development Team here to learn more.

Laila is a Marketing and Digital Marketing specialist. She has worked in the industry for years with a variety of reputable businesses.